Let’s talk of snow and finished projects!

Waiting for the snow to fly and working on my Olympic projects.   Lots of stitchers begin a

Free Crochet Pattern!
Free Crochet Pattern!

project during the  Opening Ceremonies and work hard to complete it by the time the Flame is extinguished or passed on or whatever they do with it.  This year I have too many loose ends that need stitching up, so I am competing in a UFO Olympics.

From February 14 through February 28, bring in a project that you have completed during the Winter Olympics.  We’ll take a photo to post on our Flickr Site and give you a 25%off coupon to help you get started on a NEW project!

What are my Olympic Projects?

  1.  Making a kit for for a customer to make this dress for Easter.
  2. These socks, begun long ago. Still on the first one.  I really want to wear them soon!
  3. This quilt.  I have 5 blocks left to applique, but only 1 left to prep.  I started it during the Summer Olympics.  I know it was 2 years ago!  I won’t judge your UFO’s if you won’t judge mine!  2 kits available at the shop.  I’ll share my tracings for freezer paper templates with you!!

Leave a comment below to let me know what your projects are–I know you, too, have more than one!  Accountability is EVERYTHING!

The snow is starting!  Check here tomorrow and Friday for store opening information.

As always, take time to make some stitches today!


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk of snow and finished projects!

  1. working hard on the sweater we are making in Kathy’s class. I am also working to make (and finish) a color block scarf. It’s coming along great and will be quite eye catching when finished. This is the perfect time to knit. I have loved drinking tea, looking out the window at the snow and knitting. what could be better!!!

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