World Embroidery Day

After teaching embroidery Sunday afternoon, I came home eager to continue stitching.  You see, I’ve spent the last several weeks doing lots of machine sewing, but little handsewing.  So I made my tomato sandwich for supper (my favorite summer meal), grabbed my embroidery and sat on my patio.  As soon as I picked up that long-neglected piece of fabric, I could feel myself relax.  Heaven to stitch outdoors.


There seems to be a “day” for everything and I often find out too late.  Yesterday was “National Milk Chocolate Day.”  My cousin posted it on her facebook page.  I didn’t see it until this morning, but I can celebrate a day late!  July 30 (tomorrow!) is World Embroidery Day.  I read about it in the Inspirations Magazine newsletter.  You can read more here!

I’d love you to join us Friday during the Stitch-In to celebrate World Embroidery Day.  That’s right–one day AFTER the rest of the world celebrates.  I think that will my official way to celebrate everything.  I’m sure there must be a Procrastinator’s Day. too!

Bring an embroidery project to stitch on or pick up one of our dish towels and get stitching.  Here is a cute free design to get you started.  Wendy is a North Carolina designer of quilts, embroidery, and cute softies.  You’re welcome.

Come in Friday and buy a towel and we’ll print the design on a piece of Transfer-eze so you can start right away!  We’ve got some cute new hot pink and turquoise towels that will be perfect for Wendy’s design!

Stitch InIf embroidery isn’t your thing, come join us anyway.  Friday afternoons are a fun time to get together and work on whatever you love!  PLUS Saturday is the last day of our Sale!

Whatever your favorite stitching medium, hope you make time to stitch today!


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