Mini skeins

2015_09_21_0200New on the shelf:  Wonderland Mini skeins in Cheshire Cat (fingering weight) and Mad Hatter (sport weight).  Love the colors!

After the initial, “ooh, pretty!” everyone wants to know,  “what can we make?”

Here are some suggestions.  I went to Ravelry, typed in “Mad Hatter Mini Skeins”  and here is a tiny sample of what I found.  Clicking on the picture will take you to the Ravelry page for its pattern.  All patterns can be purchased at Knit One Smock Too, which helps us keep helping you!

Beacon Shawl
Beacon Shawl


Mohair Bias Loop
Mohair Bias Loop
Madeline Shawl

There’s lots more!  Hats, mittens, the possibilities are endless!!

Come create with us,


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