Get Ready!

We are open today from 10 am- 6 pm.  The 6 pm is subject to change if wintery precipitation starts sooner than the current forecasters are predicting.

I’ve got several things on my needles and by my sewing machine to work on, but starting a new project is always fun.  Today I am bringing home corduroy to make one last cozy girl’s dress ( I love Oliver + S patterns) and maybe some yarn to start this new project.  The pattern is available for us to download for you through our in-store program with Ravelry.  Come see what yarn I’m choosing!

Happy Stitching,


3 thoughts on “Get Ready!

    1. I will make mine longer. Probably my favorite length of 15.5 inches from the underarm. I have been wanting to do a Kate Davies design for awhile. I love her details!

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